How Drones Are Changing Festival Photography

Next time you’re at a music festival, take a look in the sky. Chances are you might see a drone flying around for the purposes of capturing the immense of the crowd that you’re currently trapped within. With the popularization of drones, we are able to capture the scope and excitement of large-scale events like […]

How To Take Good Pictures Of Nature

When it comes to taking pictures, there’s something about the great outdoors that can do the soul a wealth of good. Whether rolling hills, lapping waves, or steep mountains, nature pictures often trigger a positive reaction not only because of the simplistic beauty, but also because of the calming effect. Even so, it takes some […]

SEO: Better Ranking For Online Stores Thanks Mobile SEO

As a company that has, unlike most other providers and experts focused solely on mobile commerce, we want to bring a different perspective to the discussion: Google shows online retailers to clear path on how to remain relevant to customers – because what is relevant to the user, is also relevant to Google. The “Google-punishment” […]

How To Become A Competent User Of Online Sales Force Automation Software

Majority of modern businesses employ the so-called online sales force automation (SFA) software. Such platforms help sales reps speed up their day-to-day tasks and grow revenue with minimum efforts. One of the most popular SFA solutions is bpm’online CRM. It offers sales managers a wide range of tools and solutions aimed at management of the whole […]

Do You Need To Insure Your Galaxy?

The smartphones from Samsung are one of the best examples of sophisticated devices that can change the way of your life. These devices are powered by the latest technology and they combine all the best features from all the arenas to get only the best for you. Being highly advanced, these devices are also expensive […]

Tips To Incorporate During Coding To Boost Performance Of Apps

Apps have revolutionized lives. There are apps for almost every activity imaginable- be it apps for movies, music, health or even shopping. We use apps day in and day out but little do we stop and think about how apps were designed. If you’re into coding and you design apps for Android then you know […]

Best SEO Friendly WordPress Plugins For A Higher Ranking

Digital presence in India and globally is on the rise. With increased internet penetration and with the launch of the Digital Indian Week, more and more people will get sensitized to the advantages of going online and making use of the internet in every activity they perform. With such rapid digitization, any company or organization […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date And Features Possibilities

Every year we see improvement and technology in Smartphone. Every year we have a new gift of technology in our hands.   The last quarter of 2014 was good for the Smartphone companies and some of them are testing their new flagship of the decade. Well, there is a hint that Samsung is also going to […]